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As we believe that every action must have prior knowledge of every aspect of your current situation in the competition landscape, we deliver to you the know-how experience which we made over the last seven years in analyzing competitors and not to mention which is the right platform for your brand to be on.

Not to mention we will work on real case studies.

Digital Marketing Strategy

As we have learned what every number means and our current situation in the competition landscape, we teach you how to use all those numbers and ideas and put them into the right strategy and action plan appropriate to your current situation.

This is all done on real case studies.

Social Media Buying

We still miss the sponsor budget in the strategy, so we will teach you here and let you know how to know the proper budget for your campaign and how to target the right audience interested in your product or brand.

We will work on real case studies.

Social Media Management

All we need now is to manage our social media platforms and what to do to increase the organic interaction on all our social media, and what are the best practices for every platform you use

From Zero to Hero

All you have to do is click on the below button and ask for the complete package, which will make you learn everything we know to make you exceptional, and we will also give you 3 Giveaways that will boost your performance a lot and any course you choose we will work on a real case studies.

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We Make it Easy to Connect You With Your Customers On Every Platform

Through this complete Diploma, we will provide you with tips and tricks about reaching your customers through different social media platforms.


Our Experience

  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Social Media Buying
  • Social Media Management

Success Stories

When it comes to digital marketing technicalities , No one can help more than Taqy .. Appreciating a lot your valuable support and sincere advice regarding my startup.

Menna Mohamed

Co-founder and COO , plateNplan

Dear Taqi,
Thank you for being a good instructor once I was asking about the Facebook paid ads and how you make every stage easier from building the strategy till I measure the conversions.

Nadin Ayman

Head of E.commerce , AirCairo

حقيقى من أشطر الناس فى المجال
مفيش حاجه بتقف قدامه … بيساعدك فى أى حاجه ومهما كانت المشكلة قدامك ايه متقلقش معاه .
بينصحك ويقولك تعمل كل خطوة ازاى .. بجد ماشاء الله عليك يا تقى ربنا يوفقك وان شاءالله تكسر الدنيا

Passant Sayed

Digital Marketing Head, Simplex

One of the most professional people I have met, also very helpful, with great experience in digital marketing, ability to provide information, benefit others to develop, thanks Taqy, See you soon on a new development journey 🙏

Geehad Abdullmonem

Digital Marketing Manager, Green Gray Group

مش عارفه أبدأ منين صراحه 😂..من material الكورس ولا أسلوب الشرح و طريقة مستر تقي ف عرض الأفكار وتأكدها بأمثلة حيه وحوالينا ..حقيقي من أفضل كورسات الديچيتال ماركتنج الي هتفيد أي حد باختلاف معرفته عن المجال؛ سواء لسه مُبتدأ أو عنده خبره وعايز يوسعها ..مادة علميه كافيه و وافيه لكل الناس صراحه وطريقة شرح وتفاعل وتطبيق المعلومه بشكل عملي بيفيد وبيساعد كتير فعلاً ..اتبسطت جداً بالكورس وفتحلي أبواب كتير أعرف بيها نفسي وقدراتي بعد ما كنت تايهه ومش عارفه ايه المناسب ليا 😂🤦🏻‍♀️..وإن شاء الله دايماً في تقدم ونستفيد من خبرة حضرتك ..💙

Ghadeer Essam

Content Creator

In this letter, my heartfelt thanks go out to Taqi for helping me with many things as well as for his professionalism in his career. He provides me with whenever I need help
He is a very valuable asset to me in solving problems in digital campaigns and obtaining successful results

Mahmoud Gad

Digital Marketing Specialist , Enwan Developments

حبيت اشكر واحد من اشطر الناس اللي اتعاملت معاهم وفي مجال ال marketing بالتحديد ، شخص مش بيبخل بأي معلومة ومفيش سؤال في المجال ده الا وله اجابه عنده ..
شكراً تقي الدين وبالتوفيق في اللي جاي ان شاء الله

Mahmoud Lotfy


المختصر المفيد لنجاح اي كامبين هو تقي الدين 💪✌️

شهادة أنه من الناس الشاطره اللي بتجيب لك من الاخر في اي إستشاره خاصه بالادز وال analysis وفي السوق المصري والخليجي ..👌🏻

أما علي المستوي الشخصي فهو من الناس ال helpful جدا وبتساعد غيرها ❤️ وشخص مجتهد ماشاء الله

اتمني لك التوفيق والسداد في كل خطواتك.. ❤️


Content Creator

تقي انت اشطر حد يبسط المعلومه و يقولها بالتدريج

و ده بناء عن خبرتك و تجاربك في المجال مش مجرد حد بيقول معلومه و خلاص لا و كمان بتشرح بناء علي ال experience

ربنا يوفقك ديما و يجعلك ديما نافع للناس 💙

Amira Salah

Media Buyer

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